Navy Hero
Year : 2010
Type : Fantasy, Comedy
Director : Chalerm Wongpim
Actor : Amarin Nitipon / Bowy Auttama / Tik Shero

“MUANG MAN ” the Navy soldier was settled in the secret mission to suppress the transvestite terrorist named" GOLDEN FLOWER”, who want to destroy The Naval Force camp with a time bomb. His mission won’t be easy and normal. Being man, they won’t get on the terrorist’s cruise ship name “BANANA PRINCESS”, Golden Flower army will catch them easily. To achieve their mission, MUANG MAN and his teammate “SHADOW” and “MORLAM” have to disguise themselves to be queers in order to get on Golden Flower’s cruise ship. They have to learn how to be a queer from the famous gay director “NGAM-RAYAB” that causes MUANG MAN suffering as he has trauma about transvestite. How would he suppose to do to achieve his mission?