Dead Bite
Year : 2011
Type : Comedy
Director : โจอี้บอย
Actor : Joey Boy, Buddha Bless, Sing Nhue Sue Thai, Aum Lukkana, Atim Pukjira

Gancore Club, Gang of famous rappers with the leader “JOEY BOY” with his crews go work in a beautiful unseen place name Mermaid Island, then the paradise become to the hell when they are brutally attacked by Island folks. They are struggling to survive but the horrible dream is not that enough ,they see the zombies climbing from the sea when it’s raining. Most of them are bitten and turned into monsters. 

While Joey and members who survived ; Oui, Tong , EM, Teng and bank try to find a way to flee from this island, they found MIYUKI, a Japanese girl who came to this place with a reason. They flee to hind themselves in a cave where the prohibited place is.

Then no one expected that they are amazed by what they found in there. The mystery of the zombies in this island is about to be exposed.