Bang Rajan 2
Year : 2010
Type : Drama, Action
Director : Thanit Jitnukul
Actor : Paradorn / Bawwee / Chatrchai

After Bang Rajan village’s warriors bravely battled to massive Burmese army was at the end with a defeat, but  their patriotism inspired to other villagers left getting up to fight with the great invader.

On the way of the Burmese troops waltzing to seize the capital, a few brave villagers reunited a tiny guerrilla and called themselves as “The Talisman paladins” to ambush the enemies.

Finally the tiny underdog troop became to the major obstruction when the Burmese army have lost many soldiers in battle.

“Sukee” the Burmese commander of the army who ever broke Bang Rajan village got the command to beat them down.

With the brave soul of warriors as the great Bang Rajan villagers had, the talisman paladins choose to fight by sacrificing themselves again for the ultimate freedom.