Jolly Rangers
Year : 2010
Type : Comedy
Director : Note Chernyim
Actor : Auy ,Tong ,M-Buddhabless / Note Chernyim

In a division of battalion of Thai Army Rangers, Sergeant Major First class, Khom Lomchoi is known as the most serious and strict drillmaster. He always instructs so inflexibly and strictly as no one dare to disobey him. When any private did something offense, everyone knows that person will be end at jail.

This year Serge.Khom found that his new recruits enlisted to the battalion are unconventional and jolly that he ever trained! Private.Jeworn,a facetious temple boy has a name like Korean style. His brain is sharp. He always creates any plans making waves in a camp with his friends; Private.Sam-arng,Private.Somjinx and Private. Suwit, famous rapper stars leaving their stage to service the army. Private.Metha, a“Likhey” actor (Thai traditional Dramatic performance)take off his glamorous dress and wearing the green uniform, but he still smuggle making up his face on a battle field instead on stage. Private Jeworn and his friends always do many jolly things in a camp and some make Serge Khom more fun and decrease his strictness.