Holy Man 3
Year : 2010
Type : Comedy
Director : Note Chernyim
Actor : Noi Wongpru / Note Chernyim / Bhuddabless

Monk NOI, the former superstar, rides his chopper motorcycle going ordain as a monk after he suffered by his fans fighting in his concert. He wants to stay calmly and use DHAMMA to heal his painful heart. While as monk SEARCH or PRA-SERT, a comedian, ordained for his mother sake. Both new monks intend to study Dhamma and learn how to be a good monk from The abbot “CHUEM” and monk “YOKYEK, a senior monk. But they don’t stay in peaceful life as they hope, when the marble Buddha, the most holy precious statue of the temple, was beheaded by the gang of antique owner shop as the ordered goods. What will the monks do to get their holy Buddha’s head back?