Deep in the Jungle
Year : 2007
Type : Fantasy, Drama
Director : Teerawat Rujeenatham
Actor : Jessadaporn Poldee / Ploy Jinda Choti

When the stars are aligned just right, something magical happens in the jungle.  Each time this momentous event occurs, to follow their ancestor way of life, siblings Jin and Jai must make their way back to their ancestor’s cave.

But this time an evil army General named Manus is waiting for them, he wants to harness their tremendous power, and so stages an ambush to capture the mystical pair. 
Meanwhile, Army captain “Navin” witnesses the brutal kidnapping, but before he can save them his unit is killed, and he is forced to flee across the border.

When Navin finds Jin alive in the city, he is willing to rescue her from Manus, while Jai  is hurry to find out his sister . What Navin doesn’t know is that the pair are more than human, they are transforming into supernatural creatures, hell-bent returning to the cave. It’s a race against time for Navin, Jin and Jai, and with Manus hot on their trail, it won’t be easy.