Year : 2020
Type : Action, Comedy
Director : Yuthlert Sippak
Actor : Padung Songsaeng, Kornpob Janjarearn, Boriboon Janroeng, Dao Kummin, Joey Gana, Udom Songsaeng, Sompong Kunapratom, Veerayut Nancha, Wanida Termtanaporn, Darunee Suthipitak

In a distant future, the impact from a tremendous solar flare explosion on the surface of the sun destroyed many parts of Earth’s atmosphere. The temperature in Thailand abruptly decreases while Bangkok is being literally frozen. Several million of people were killed by the sudden spread of coldness. The rest of the citizens are striving for anything that lets them survive longer. Not even “Kid Silencer”, the retired handsome killer who is specialized in firearm assassination, his body is getting older by the time.

Nevertheless, “Kid Silencer” has one best student that he passes all his assassination skills on to him called “Joke Sobad”. Hence, Joke is now recognized as one of the top 3 assassins. Other than the freezing cold atmosphere, the economy system collapsed while the government fails to conduct. Bangkok is now struggling in a critical rebellion crisis, whereas “The White Crow” established itself to make peace in Bangkok

Meanwhile, a secret assassination plan was assigned to the 3 top assassins, Joke Sobad – the lucky gunman, Jazz Sode – the music maniac, and Jay Sonana – the demolisher. Each of them does not know each other private mission. There seems to be a supreme mystery behind this plotted scene, which they have never been disclosed.