The Ghoul : Horror At The Howling Field
Year : 2021
Type : Horror, Comedy
Director : Chalerm Wongphim
Actor : Ble Pathumraj, Lada R-Siam, Khom Chuanchuen, Robert Saikwan, Toomtarm The Star, Yud Fedfe, Nui Chernyim, Ball Chernyim

There is a strange crime scene at distant TungMhaHon Village (The Howling Field). The government decides to send one of the best police officer like Lieutenant Satjathorn to investigate the crime scene. In fact, Satjathorn is not willing to pursue on this case because there is a spreading rumor of an evil in that village. Nevertheless, Chief M.L. Bang forces Satjathorn to accept the case at once. Kuim, a servant of M.L. Bang, is a local villager from TungMhaHon Village who willingly volunteers to assist Satjathorn on his travel to TungMhaHon Village. Actually, Kuim only wants to meet his beloved girl, Vhung, by going back to the village.

Satjathorn sets off his journey to seek out the truth of the mysterious crime scene at TungMhaHon village. TungMhaHon is a small village which looks so serene and peaceful at the first glance but the ambiance at night is extremely spine-chilling. Satjathorn and Kuim have a chance to meet monk Kaew who holds many secret items within himself and accompanies them later on. They start from visiting Vhung’s house to learn more about the terrifying stories in this village including the rumor that Vhung is “the Ghoul”!

Kuim is feeling disappointed that Vhung chooses to spend her life with Mid, Kuim’s childhood friend. Anyway, Kuim wishes to further improve his relationship with Vhung on his return because he hears a bad news of Mid’s death in service. During the investigation, the company encounters troubles from ruffian Go and his companion, Tek. Along with the terrifying news of the unstoppable Ghoul, will monk Kaew have any fantastic stuff to stop the Ghoul and will Sajathorn and Kuim survive from this nightmare?