Year : 2021
Type : Comedy
Director : Bang Fai Film
Actor : Petchtai Wongkamlao (6 roles as Chai Yai, Tan Phor, Ying Klang, Ying Noi, Chai Lek, and Songkran the Lawyer), Rakwanee Kamsingh, Nine the Comedian (Mongkol Saardboonyapat), Noolek Gornbai (Pattrawadee Pinthong), Kantima Nankham, Somrak Kamsingh, Sophia La

“Wongkumlao Family” have been inherited from generation to generation for a long time.

At the present time, Grandpa, Master Petchtai (Big Brother), Middle Sister, Little Sister, Little Brother and Lawyer Songkran are living together as one big family. (All roles perform by Petchtai Wongkamlao)

            After Master Petchtai got married with Piramol, they are under a great pressure to give a birth to their heir as soon as possible. So that they can legally claim the wealthy inheritance of Wongkumlao Family. However, not everybody agrees to let it happen. Little Sister and Anurat, her Finance, are planning to get rid of Piramol from this house. They spend their best effort to prevent Master Petchtai and Piramol from making their baby.

            The turbulent conflict continues along with humorous sense of Wongkumlao family. Nevertheless, a concealed devilish scheme is being gradually started by someone within Wongkumlao Family. Master Petchtai and Piramol strive to endure all the chaotics in order to lead and preserve the legend of Wongkumlao Family.