The Sisters
Year : 2004
Type : Horror
Director : Tiwa Moeitaisong
Actor : Piyathida Woramusic / Bunjerd Suntapanich

Curses, murder and revenge lie hidden within the air condition vent. The band of teenage musicians with 5 young men and 1 female was drawn to a fate that nobody would dare to face. Inside the hotel, room#409 is where the musicians resided while playing at this one province. Hanging down from the air condition vent was a strip of white cloth. Each one of the musicians had the courage to look up into the vent and then one by one calmly just walked out of the room. Who would've thought that moment would alter their fate for the rest of their lives.

A long haired women, the air vent and those vengeful eyes were the vision that all 6 of them saw. Then, by visiting ta highly respected Buddhist monk, they then find out the truth of Saeng Daow; the prostitute that was brutally murdered with her head cut off. Her body was then placed under the bed and her head hidden within the air vent. How and what will 6 of them face after this deadly vision. It seems that Saeng Daow surely won't let them just walk away so easily.