Sassy Player
Sassy Player
Year : 2009
Type : Comedy
Director : Poj Anon
Actor : Tukky / Peerawich Boonnark

Fahsai is a home economic teacher of a girl school. One day she is assigned to be a coach of soccer team of only 17 boys in the school .The worst thing is that most of playmates are gays who love to play volley ball more than soccer. This makes Fahsai worried about making a change occurs.

Not only just 7 lady boys are all to make such a fuss, but also the rest of the boys in the team. Aun, the captain team and Jade are falling in love the same girl (Mine).Ice, close friend of Aun , is misunderstood by his mother that he is homo with Aun. Phu fall in love with senior cheerleader while as she is flirting with another guy of the opponent team .That make the team almost break up.

However, after passing the mess and the Fahsai’s weird training camp, they are changing their mind back to play soccer again. For those lady boys want to prove themselves that they can play just as good as the straight men can do. The same as the boys can learn from this game about relationship and love that could be turbulent to their hearts.