dek-dane gangster
Year : 2005
Type : Drama, Action
Director : Viroj Thongsiew
Actor : Thanagorn Posayanon / Louis Scott

Jack was a high school student and his trying to court a girl from the other school instigated a physical conflict between the two schools. 150 students from the two schools met for a fight that took place in the middle of the city. Many were injured in the fight but when one student fired the gun stray bullets hit 8 years old boy’s grandmother and  Jasan’s beloved younger sister right in front of him. Jasan ran through the mob with his little sister in his arms to reach a hospital. 

The mob was dispersed and the responsible students arrested. The instigators were sent to a Military Academy for boys with behavior problems. Now they have to succumb to hard core officials in charge of their behavior reorientation.