Still 2 (Tai Hong Tai Hian)
Year : 2014
Type : Horror
Director : Tanadol nuansuth (James), Tammanoon SomboonTanhom (ping), Poj Apiruj, Achira Noktaes (Mike)
Actor : Pichaya Nitipaisalkul (Golf), Manutsanun Punlertwongsakul (Donut), Chotwut Bunyasith (Nut), Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul (Bifern), Nutpassara Adulayametasiri (Golf), Charm Osathanond, Paranyou Rojanawutitum (Tag), Chalee Trirat (Nag), Oranuch Ounsawasd (Plaifar), Jazz Chuanchuen, Bank Pongsakorn, Tunwarin Sukapisit (Golf)

From front page headline news to a film 
4 Tragedies that keep them “still” dead



“Still” (Phi Tai Hong) is the vengeful and restless spirit of a person that suffered a violent or cruel death. This movie tells 4 unique stories of 4 tragic deaths from 4 real distinctive headline news that keep them “still” dead.


Part 13. “The Holy Sin” by James-Thanadol

Non committed to live in his monkhood for the rest of his life. Because of his lover, Ploy, Non left his monkhood to take care of her. Later, he went to have a talk with his close friends after a serious argument with Ploy. When he reached back his home, ploy was already dead.

While his friends believed that Non did not killed Ploy, they helped Non to safely dump Ploy’s dead body. However, haunting Ploy came to revenge and showed up the real criminal.


Part 14. “Fell Off Highway” by Ping-Thammanoon

An attractive undergraduate intern girl, Ant, loved a senior staff in the same office, Pobe , even she knew that Pobe already has a girlfriend named Sa. Ant did not care of Sa and she always wanted to replace Sa.

Unfortunately, Sa found Pobe flirting with another female in the office on Facebook. On that evening, Pobe and Sa had an endless argument on their way back. Sa hopped off Pobe’s car onto a van during the ride.

Ant was so happy that Sa and Pobe were not getting along each other. Later, Ant faced weird incidents on a van while she was heading back home. Mysterious LINE messages, ghostly passenger, and meeting Sa, a vengeful ghost who wished to takeaway Ant’s life. Ant had no idea why Sa really wanted her dead.


Part 15. “The Air Vent” by Poj Anon

Tag, a male musician, was forced to stay at a hotel after finishing his work at a remote province. Before entering his room, he saw a couple at room#15. Charm, the girl, looked at him and gave him a smile. At night, Tag heard a loud argument of the couple from room#15. The girl shouted for help. Tag wanted to help but he respected their privacy so he decided not to participate the argument.

Soon after, Tag had to check-in to this hotel one more time. This time, he got room#15. Even he was staying alone in the room, he can feel the signs of restless and vengeful spirit in that cold night.


Part 16. “The Ghost Brothel” Talor Soi 9 by Mike-Ahisra.

Nong appointed his friends at a brothel wanted to make out their first time. Prior to the date, Bank went there before his friends. Bank fell in love with Dao the girl#16 so he planned to help Dao escaped from the club.

Bank called his friends to meet him at the club. Nong intended to enjoy the club but now he needs to give Bank a help when the caretaker and the procuress knew Bank’s escape plan. It is very difficult to escort anyone out of this club especially when they realized that every people in the club were the imprisoned ghosts that could never escape from this club.

“Talor Soi 9” is one the scariest place in Thailand where people wanted to seek for imprisoned and painful prostitute ghosts from time to time.