Iron Ladies Roar
Iron Ladies Roar!
Year : 2014
Type : sport, Drama, Comedy
Director : Poj Apirut
Actor : Rattapoom Tokongsup (Film), Parunyu Rojanawatitham (Tak), Sudarat Budporm (Tukky), Padung Songsang (Jazz), Chaiwat Thongsaeng (Tob), Weeradit Srimalai (Gus), Wongsapat Tangniyom (Zo), Patdanai Satesuwan (Koen), Kittipat Samantrakulchai (Biew), Worachai Sirikongsuwan (Tape), Arussaman Jittasiri (Toast), Chonnikan Arnamwat (Fai), Pasakorn Sanrattana (Oat), Surawit Ruangyod (Tong)
Iron Ladies team members in their forties are watching an exciting international volleyball match between Thailand and Japan. The ladies cannot bear to compare it with their Iron Ladies playing style. They are now recalling their legend in the past. 
Coach Bee invited Mui to join Lampang team. However, Mui was hesitate to join the team because the team was missing many members. Jung and Parn volunteered to find and recruit the missing team members. After they have fully filled up the members, they tirelessly practice and consequently won the first place trophy of Northern Thailand Volleyball Championship. 
Nevertheless, an unexpected incident happened after their precious victory and it miserably scattered their team. Coach Bee and Mui started to gather back their team for an upcoming superior Thailand National Volleyball Championship competition. At the end, the Iron Ladies team successfully teamed up and they amazingly earned the championship trophy from the competition. They became renowned by the spectators all over the country.