Jazz The Dog
Year : 2017
Type : Comedy
Director : Yuthlert Sippapak
Actor : Padung Songsaeng / Sutheewan Taweesin / Kornpob Janjaroen / Krit Bunya / Paitoon Poomrath

    In the era of social media, it is the golden time for taking cool selfies as well as the golden time for beauty businesses. “Mhar” a man from Srichang Island travels to the metropolis just to learn and find out himself. Actually, he dreams to be a famous writer. Unfortunately, he found an obstacle on his unattractive appearance. He can only work as a waiter at a pub. However, Mhar never feel discouraged. He now dreams to be a famous DJ indeed.

    One night, Mhar has a chance to meet “Kajorn”, one of his closest friends from Srichang Island. Kajorn, a son of the boxing gym owner, now owns a wealthy beauty clinic. As a good friend, Kajorn offers a complementary face surgery to Mhar. Mhar decides to take his beloved friend’s offer agreeing that a skillful person is inferior to a good-looking person nowadays. When Mhar wakes up from the surgery operation, his face is different form the idol he desired to be. Mhar thinks his new horrible face is so ugly. Unexpectedly, Kajorn tells him that it is the trendiest face from South Korea. As soon as he posts his photos on his Instagram, hundred thousands of likes and followers increase tremendously within a night. This relieves Mhar’s anxiety on his new disordered face. Anyway, Mhar will never take this surgery if he can reverse the time.

    Later, Mhar meet uncle “Mhok”, a fishing boat owner at Srichang Island, while he goes back for “FeongFha” funeral. Foengfha is his girlfriend since he was studying at Srichang Island. Foengfha dies by a car accident which uncle Mhok’s car unintentionally ran into her. Uncle Mhok says it is not the time for Feongfha to die and she should live longer. Something is going wrong with the timeline. Uncle Mhok said that Mhar is the only one who can go back in time and prevent the miserable accident.

    Does the time reversal even exist? How can Mhar go back in time? Will Mhar have his own face back? Find the answers on 30 November, 2017.